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Flexible Magnet description :

Flexible Magnet description: Introducing FlexIRON, the unique, versatile, flexible, ferrous material that attracts magnets. It looks like flexible magnetic sheeting, yet it is not a magnet. It is a magnetically receptive material that attracts all types of low profile magnets, including flexible and ceramic magnets. Either surface attracts magnets. It is easy to drill or cut with scissors, knife, die, or punch.

We manufacture quality NdFeB Magnet ,Ferrite Magnet , Cast AlNiCo Magnet , SmCo Magnet , Flexible Magnet , Magnetic Assemblies , Rubber Magnet and so on.

Company Introduce :Ningbo YiLi Magnetic Co.,Ltd. is engaged in the development and supply of magnetic materials. The enterprise is specialized in the produce and sale of agglutinate NdFeB Magnet , Ferrite Magnet , Cast AlNiCo Magnet , SmCo Magnet , Flexible Magnet and all sorts of magnetic materials and elements.

The products are extensively used in sound s ystem, rare earth magnetic motor , computer, MRI, magnetic force coupling, oilfield wax remover, magnetic floating, magnetic health care, magnetic hoisting, magnetic sensor, selling well in such countries and regions as USA, Japan ,Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc...

our products also cater to the to international buyers with strong competitiveness. Our good quality, service and shipment in time will suitable for your better choose.

we are looking forward to having the chance to serve you.

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